Our Investment and Trademarks

Trademarks in operation and pre launch in the United States

Market Research

The dynamics of business require specialization and capacity to react to economic phenomena that are not necessarily the result of trends.
Marketingycrm By ERC combines with your experience the channel that your company needs to be more effective in making decisions.

We offer integrated services for companies that want to know in depth market data and we have three lines of specialization

Visit our website – www.marketingycrm.com


Ecommerce Fantastic is a dynamic website generator platform, with a powerful multi-channel online sales manager; combines aesthetics and functionality with an intuitive and easy to manage administrative panel.

Ecommerce Fantastic, is designed for companies that:

– Have made the decision to sell on the internet.

– Have a trained team to lead the sales channel.

– Its organizational structure has a global mentality and is aligned with the objectives of the e-commerce project.

– With operational and logistic capacity to deliver products and services in record time.

– Have established a budget for marketing, advertising and technological support.

Visit our website – www.ecommercefantastic.com

Corporative Gifts

Detalle Empresarial is a virtual store where you can find the ideal complement to make your customer fall in love.

¿What will you find in our store?

– More than 10 product categories
– Continuous catalog update throughout the year
– Service of marking and personalization in different printing systems
– Online advice through chat
– Shipments at national and international level

Visit our website – www.detalleempresarial.com

Brand in pre launch in Latin America


The discount portal of Latin America
What you will find in www.cybercupones.com?
The best brands

Exclusive discounts

Geolocation by GPS location

A portal for everyone! Printed and digital coupons

Visit our website – www.cybercupones.com

Start UP

We are constantly investing in new disruptive business models based on technology as their source of development.
We are currently pre-launching the following business lines:
Big-offers: Portal type market place where independent sellers can market up to 15 categories of products.
Cybercupones: Portal specialized in discounts that will work mainly in Latin America.

Big Offers

Multi-brand Marketplace

¿What you will find at big-offers.com?

– Path providers.

– Commercial accompaniment in seasonal management.

– Possibility of selling in other countries.

– National coverage.

– Fast and reliable logistic operators.

– Transactional security and several payment options.

– Latest technology platform.

– It is a sales channel that only charges success commissions

– The supplier manages your inventory.

Visit our website – www.ecommercefantastic.com

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